Confidential self-assessment for PTSD, anxiety, and more

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Should I take a screening?

If you are experiencing emotional or physical distress, please consider taking one of the following screenings. These CompEAP Screenings are here to help you understand what you are experiencing and feeling. By taking one of these screenings you can securely and confidentially begin to assess your needs and the types of support that would be most beneficial to you.

Over 40 million Americans – 1 out of every 5 adults – have a mental health condition. Unfortunately, only 56% of us receives treatment we need. While many of us have insurance for mental health support, we still lack easy access to that care. CompEAP can help you locate and connect with the support you may need.

Is this confidential?

These screenings are completely anonymous. Once you’ve completed a screening, you will receive results and information about what you can do next. You can print or download your results. Your results can only be accessed using a unique reference code provided to you with your results. Your results can NOT be accessed based on your name, employer, the screenings you took, or any other personal identifying information.

How do they work?

Select a screening and you will be presented with a brief series of questions. After answering these questions about how you are feeling, you will see your results. Depending on your results, you may be encouraged to call CompEAP to confidentially discuss your situation with a licensed counselor. If you prefer, you can choose to have a counselor reach out to you.


These screenings, while clinically proven, are intended to help assess a mental health condition. They are not diagnostic, nor do they replace a consultation with a counselor or physician. Users may find it helpful to share results with their counselor or physician.