Managing Your Debt


Presented by Jimmy Becker

This session focuses on the best strategies for repaying consumer debts and creating sustainable spending behaviors to build savings. We will discuss:
  1. The different types of consumer debts and the trade-offs with each
  2. Debt repayment strategies; for example, do you:
  • Save more or pay down faster?
  • Focus on the loan with the highest rate or the smallest balance?
  • Consolidate your loans?
3. Special considerations around student loans
4. Spending and saving strategies
5. Budgeting (briefly)
6. Credit scores and reports (briefly)


Shutting Down: Boundaries for Our Work


Presented by Cally Ritter, CompEAP partner

We’re not just working longer hours; our work has now invaded our personal spaces and our personal time. Whether working from home, hybrid or on-site, many people are finding it difficult to step out of work mode and enjoy their personal time. This session explores concrete strategies for creating boundaries with our work. We’ll review pre and post work rituals, transition rituals and social supports for containing work creep and regaining our ability to have personal space and time.


Mental Health Reset: 5 Top Tips for Better Well-being


Presented by Fatimah Finney, CompEAP partner

Are you doing your best and still not feeling your best? Mental Health is essential to overall health and this webinar will provide strategies to identify and improve areas of mental disruption. Through personal reflection and practical techniques, you’ll leave with an action plan for creating sustainable self-care practices.